Session 1. Agility

Sponsor: A.J.

Signatories: A.G., A.J., K.V., M.M., M.Z., N.C., S.Y., S.M.

Topic: Agile design beyond IT

Remembering the Agile Manifesto that underlines the four values:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan,

and attempting to help one of the members of the think tank to find a solution to his current professional objective of setting up an agile approach to project management,

  1. States that the organization that the A.J. represents is en route from using a Waterfall project methodology to an Agile methodology;
  2. Lists complications of having multiple stakeholders, necessity to batch the large projects into smaller batches, lack of clarity whether the smaller batches to be released to customers or hold till the competition of the larger project, and unclear priorities;
  3. Defines the way of working on projects in periods of time;
  4. Compares the agile approach to a factory conveyor;
  5. Brings up a question of defining priorities as the most crucial element of the project work;
  6. Offers  an approach to define priority using: a) commonalities, b) monetary value of the projects, c) alignment of the project to the strategy of the organization;
  7. Suggests using the priority matrix as a tool to define immediate activities, major projects, no-goes and thankless tasks;
  8. Acknowledges that any organization strategy pursues monetary or social  objectives
  9. Encourages to apply agile values and methods in fields of work other than IT, such as banking, construction, oil and gas, manufacturing and education, and others.

Dubai, Nov 15, 2017



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